Our services are intended to serve the public interest, and as such are directed to public organizations that might otherwise be without manpower and the availability of such expertise. Principal among them are such organizations as state organizations, district councils, municipalities, community organizations, citizen groups, neighbourhood organizations, private individuals, and the like.


        1.  Planning and related:

          • Structure plans, physical guideline plans and development plans.
          • Assistance to Land Use Contravention Notices.
          • Land Use Audits.
          • Registration of servitudes.
          • Rezoning, permissions, Consent uses, subdivision of land, consolidation of properties, etc.
          • SALA Long term lease applications.
          • Department of Public Works engagement for registration of servitudes.
          • Renewable Energy projects and associated electricity power generation land uses.
          • Regional plans and regional planning services.
          • Detail planning for residential areas (low-cost, high-cost and high-density housing).
          • Planning of industrial, townships and business / commercial areas.
          • Township development and layout planning.
          • Land Use Schemes.
          • Spatial Development Frameworks.
          • Business plans, feasibility studies and traffic impact studies.
          • Collection of geographical data in various other fields.
          • Project management.
        2. Environmental management:

          • Environmental impact assessment.
          • Environmental management programs.
          • Environmental matters as they occurred.
        3. Public participation and communications:

          • Community facilitation.
          • Public participation programs and designs.
          • Public education campaigns.
          • Public attitude and activity surveys.

We embrace a full range of planning expertise, from strategic metropolitan planning to detail urban and landscape design.

We also offer skills in association with professional consultants in the fields of:
          • urban design
          • environmental planning
          • landscape architecture
          • urban, regional & structure planning
          • resort planning
          • site planning and township layout
          • housing and housing policy research
          • project co-ordination
          • rezoning, departures and development control
          • project feasibility studies
          • urban and environmental conservation
          • impact assessment
          • resource management
          • city management policy research

The practice functions on a project basis. Teams are assembled and senior professional staff plays a direct and active role in all projects.

We work with a number of other consultants who can be called in to provide additional specialist advice if required, including:

          • Development and property economists
          • Traffic and transportation engineers
          • Civil engineers
          • Geotechnical and geological engineers
          • Architects
          • Professional land surveyors
          • Ecologists and environmental scientists

The type of work carried out by the practice ranges from the strategic to the local, from the multi-disciplinary to the specialist, and comprises applied research, planning appraisal, feasibility assessment, design and implementation.

The practice is fully computerised with a number of applications including various word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet and GIS and CAD programs, which is run by an experienced cartographer/computer specialist.

We have firmly adopted the principles of affirmative action in our recruitment, staff training and education, and appointment of associated consultants.

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Association for Consulting Town & Regional Planners (ACTRP)
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